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Connecting Owners and Buyers Since 1997

In 1997, one fact was manifestly clear: the resale segment of the timesharing industry was not producing results. From its beginnings in 1983, resales simply have not kept pace with stunning growth by developers. How could resales produce so little value while resort developers are nearing 3 billion dollars in gross revenues annually?

Sell My Timeshare was specifically established to attack this paradox head on. Fully cognizant of the lamentable state of the resale business in the past, we have made it our mission to provide real value to our customers in the belief that to do so will create long term success for our customers and our company.

Since our establishment, this new attitude in the industry is creating a kind of excitement and activity we hoped for when we bagan. Superior in its capabilities, service and performance, Sell My Timeshare is the company best equipped to assist you with your vacation property needs.

Sell My Timeshare is an international advertising company that specializes in promoting vacation property resales and rentals to potential buyers throughout the world. You have seen our ads on billboards in resort locations and the many major publications we carefully select for maximum exposure to the vacationing public. Each vacation property in our inventory even receives an individualized ad online.

Sell My Timeshare is not a real estate broker, so when you sell your timeshare or rent your vacation property, you pay NO COMMISSION! This can save you THOUSANDS of dollars! We make it easy for you! Once you and the buyer agree on a price, we save you money by recommending title and finance companies to assist you with the transaction. For personal assistance, please fill out the form on the left or call us toll free at 1-866-313-8463 ext. 150.

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